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Australian car enthusiasts are still holding their breath, waiting to see if the new Ford Bronco will be released in Australia anytime soon.

Why Are Ford’s Fans Waiting For A Bronco?

The Ford Bronco and Ford 100 have always been a mainstay in the realm of car fanatics. The Bronco has a rich history and a famous legacy that even today still lives up to its reputation.

In recent years, car companies have been releasing updated models of cars that build their brand’s prestige and renown. Some of these announcements were met with a lukewarm reception. However, fans of the Bronco would agree that the new Ford Bronco’s design has stayed true to its past, making it a highly sought-after car across the globe.

The Bad News

News of the new Ford Bronco filled many people with joy. However, those of us in Australia who want to sit behind the wheel of the new truck did not share the joy of our fellow enthusiasts. This was because we knew that there was virtually zero chance of the Bronco making it onto our shores.

The United States company believed the Australian market was too small to justify the production of their new Ford Bronco in Australia. Importantly, if production of the Bronco was to go ahead here, the car would need to be manufactured with the steering wheel on the right-hand side of the car, unlike in America, where cars are commonly designed to have their steering wheels on the left-hand side.

Due to the laws of Australian States and Territories, you wouldn’t even be able to import a Bronco from America and drive it here. For example, in Queensland, a car less than 25 years old needs to be right-hand drive.

On top of that, the US market is currently struggling to keep up with the supply of Bronco purchases, meaning it would be hard to get your hands on a Bronco even if you lived in a country that manufactured them. Additionally, if you were able to get one and ship it to Australia, you would have to pay the Luxury car tax.

The Good News

On the other hand, things are looking better than they were when the new Ford Bronco was announced. It’s looking more likely the Bronco will one day be available in Australia.

The President and CEO of Ford Jim Farley says there is a chance the Ford Bronco will be making its way to smaller countries once they make it through the peak demand.

While is not a guarantee ­ — the peak may be between 12 to 24 months — it is no doubt better than the chances we had a few months ago.

Our Verdict

Keeping up in line with current trends, the Ford Bronco is another classic car making a comeback and is highly desirable.

While there is no concrete proof that we will be driving this truck on Australian roads anytime soon, our chances are growing stronger, and we think that’s reason to be excited.