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Not all vehicles get a second shot at glory, but there are a handful of classic cars that made a comeback long after their earliest versions debuted.  

Like it or not, all the market research in the world will never guarantee a product’s success. Audiences can tell us what they look for and how they would like an item to make them feel, but sometimes new releases miss the mark with the general public. In fact, this harsh reality applies across the board in all industries and sectors, including the world of cars. 

As a general rule, cars are fully redesigned about every five to seven years, depending on the automaker and vehicle segment. In between these periods, models will often get minor tweaks in the design to improve things like performance, aesthetic and comfort. Like most things in commerce, if they don’t sell, they get retired.

Despite a plethora of existing market offerings, there’s a growing number of automotive manufacturers that have begun to look to the past for inspiration for the future. Capturing the attention of consumers in a competitive landscape certainly isn’t getting any easier, so many manufacturers are re-releasing newer versions of their best ever classic cars as a means to do so. 

Five Classic Cars That Were Brought Back To Life

Imagine if you were able to capture the magic of a classic car from a bygone era, without compromising on the modern upgrades linked to safety and performance. While a number of classic cars have been reimagined in recent years – think the Volkswagen Beetle or Mini Cooper – muscle cars have been harder to resuscitate. 

Even if one were to discard performance, it’s no secret that American muscle cars own their place in history purely based on pop culture alone. From the Fast and the Furious franchise to Dukes of Hazzard, many of our favourite films feature a muscle car not just as a prop, but arguably as a staple character themselves. Now, a number of these veterans have made a comeback, with the most popular upgrades including the following. 

Dodge Charger – Although the new age Charger is a far cry from the original two door muscle car that dominated the sixties, the versions released from 2006 onwards retains a V8 engine while still sending power to the rear tyres. While it’s now one of the last true four door muscle cars money can buy, the new Chargers have been well received by the market. 

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – In continuous production since 1964, the Mustang is currently the longest-produced Ford car nameplate and has remained just as popular now as it once was over sixty years ago. Despite the many variations, the Shelby Mustang GT500 has long reigned as king, and even the latest models have managed to take home a number of awards. 

Chevrolet Camaro – Between 2002 and 2010, the United States went eight years without seeing a single Camaro in Chevy showrooms. Since its return to the market, the newer models have proven to be one of the best track cars that the company has ever made, and its superior performance has managed to outstrip other modern muscle car releases from Ford. 

Dodge Challenger – Although the world went decades without a Challenger model after the first generation car ceased production all the way back in the seventies, the Challenger made quite the comeback in 2008. While the new model received new age modern muscle car power, it was still paired with a retro look and was a hit with the car community. 

Ford GT – While the new and the old Ford GTs are two very different takes on the supercar genre, both have been well received for different reasons. When the new version was unveiled in 2004 during a Super Bowl commercial, America went wild, and proved to be a demonstration of just how much power Ford’s engineers could stuff under one hood. 

For those who prefer the original versions of these classic cars, it’s no secret that they are the physical embodiment of a bygone era. This was a time where cars weren’t just for getting from A to B, they were works of art. Today, they’ve never been more in demand. 

Your Guide To Everything Classic Cars

Finding a fellow vintage auto enthusiast can feel a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but rest assured that Classic’s Garage understands the thrill more than most. Having spent forty years collecting anything and everything from matchbox cars to hub caps, he’s successfully followed his passion to source, collect and stock beautiful and low mileage classic automobiles from around the world.

Although his passion is for automobiles built before 1978, with a particular love for Buicks, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Oldsmobiles and even Fords, Wayne is just as passionate about the stories of the owners. If it’s even remotely different, rare or just plain unusual, Wayne will overcome the relevant logistical and geographical challenges of bringing the cars to his showroom in Australia. 

Classic’s Garage is a showroom conveniently located at Seventeen Mile Rocks, that specialises in the restoration and sales of vintage automobiles. If you’re on the hunt for Brisbane classic cars – quite simply, Wayne is your man. If you would like to arrange a viewing or inspect any other of our classic vehicles, please get in touch with us today.