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Although regarded as the godfather of pony cars and idolised by revheads around the world, there’s still plenty of surprising facts linked to the Ford Mustang.

After being in production for well over fifty years, there’s no denying that the legacy of the Ford Mustang is that it’s arguably the beating heart of the Ford Motor Company. The namesake of the “pony car” automobile segment, the Mustang was initially developed as a highly styled line of sporty coupes and convertibles derived from existing model lines. 

Initially distinguished by “long hood, short deck” proportion, it spawned Ford’s competitors to release their own similar models such as the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger as a means to keep up. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the Ford Mustang, and it’s colourful history is full of some pretty surprising insights. 

Things You Didn’t Know About The Ford Mustang 

First released back in 1964, the Mustang was Ford’s offering to the  American public who wanted fast cars without sacrificing comfort – all while still being somewhat affordable to the average buyer. Now more popular than ever, there’s still plenty of surprising facts about the world’s most famous pony car that would shock even the most seasoned classic car enthusiast. 

What’s In A Name – The design and marketing team at Ford were under an enormous amount of pressure to get the message of the Mustang right. It was wildly important to capture the attention of the American youth, and other names considered as options for the new model were Avanti, Allegro, Torino, Panther and even Cougar. 

Annus Horribilis – The Mustang’s “year of misfortune and disaster” is more recent than most fans might initially think, with the car’s worst performing year on record listed as 2009. Selling just over 46,000 units, the refreshed retro styling did not go down well with audiences, and the same year Chevrolet Camaro managed to outstrip sales by a whopping 40%. 

Maybe It’s Not A Horse – Designer John Najjar claims that he first pitched the name Mustang after the WWII P-51 fighter plane, but was promptly rejected. At a later time, he tried again with a new angle: name the car after the once domesticated horse that now ran wild and free across the Western states of America. Needless to say, his second attempt was a success. 

Colourful Acting Career – We can all easily name a film or television series that featured a Ford Mustang, the pony car has actually had up to three thousand separate appearances on camera. Bob Witter from Ford Global Brand Entertainment stated that “the Mustang has had the most roles of any Ford vehicle, and there are no competing cars that come close.”

Almost A Station Wagon – Can you imagine the iconic Ford Mustang pony car as a family friendly station wagon? Don’t laugh, as it almost happened. In the early days of the Mustang’s production back in 1966, two station wagon prototypes were made at the Ford Motor Company, but production never took off. 

Fast Since Forever – The first supercharged Mustang came along all the way back in 1966, courtesy of the legendary Caroll Shelby. After building eleven GT350 fastbacks fitted with Paxton Superchargers, Shelby claimed the new addition improved the power of Ford’s factory unit by 46 percent, upping output from 271 to 395 horsepower. 

Today, the humble Ford Mustang is a name synonymous with speed and style. It’s popularity has proven to be one of longevity, and is regarded as one of the most sought after classic cars in the automotive community. The legacy of the Ford Motor Company is inextricably linked to the success of the Mustang, and will no doubt continue to be in the years to come.

Getting Your Hands On A Classic Car

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