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G’day and welcome. I’m so glad you’ve found Classic’s Garage.

A bit of the backstory to the cars you’re seeing here and why. As a child, I loved everything on four wheels. Over the past 40 years I’ve gone from collecting matchbox cars and hub caps to sourcing and collecting beautiful, and low mileage classic automobiles from around the world.

My passion is automobiles built before 1978, with a few exceptions. I love American cars like Buicks, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Oldsmobile and some of the 50’s and sixties Fords.

My passion is seeking out cars with interesting stories, and in many cases, interesting owners. If it’s different, rare or unusual, I overcome the logistical and geographical challenge of bringing it to Australia.

My goal is to find and share these fine examples of motoring history from across the globe with people who share my passion for cars.

I have bought and sold so many unique cars over the years that I’m sure, just like you, there are some I look back and say, “I wish I still owned that”.

Some cars I do now keep as part of my private collection while others go to fellow collectors. So, please explore, see what I have coming and going as part of my inventory and importantly enjoy the greatest hobby there is, car collecting.

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy classic cars”




Located at Seventeen Mile Rocks in Brisbane. If you would like to arrange a showing, please contact us today.


To request a call back or enquire about one of our cars please contact us today.