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The biggest Summernats we have seen has just wrapped up and we are here to fill you in on what went down.

Everything that happened at Summernats 35

This year’s Summernats was filled with excitement and broke the previous record for Summernats crowd attendance. The festival also hosted the usual crowd favourites as well as crowned new champions for the beloved Summernats events.

A new grand champion

This year the grand champion was awarded to Livi Krevatin and his 1978 Porsche 911 SC Coupe, which he spent years modifying and customising after he received the car as a part payment for work he did over a decade ago.

Livi and his outstanding 1978 Porsche were given the honour of Summernats Grand Champion after the judges awarded him the most points across two separate categories, which covered aesthetic and mechanical criteria. Across both categories, criteria included: bodywork, paintwork, interior, acceleration, braking, and handling.

Years of dedication paid off for Livi when he was awarded a large sword as his prize.

Livi’s victory is extra special when you take into consideration how many people were working on their cars throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Burnout Masters

This year’s Burnout Masters was one of the biggest and best we have seen yet. This year there were 10 finalists who were battling it out in the competition to see who would be claiming the victory and be declared winner of the Burnout Masters 2023.

The title this year was awarded to Jake Myers and his customised Myers Mustang. Jake also won the award at Summernats 32, making this the second time he has won the Burnout Masters. Jake’s Dad Gary is also an icon at Summernats, with three Burnout Masters titles to his name.

Mulletfest is back

The crowd favourite Mulletfest was back again this year and boasted more competitors than ever before.

The inaugural Mulletfest was revealed at the 2020 Summernats festival.

A Hunter Valley hairdresser, Laura Johnson, and her family came up with the idea of the mulletfest competition to save their family’s pub and as a way to give people a laugh.

Since the first Mulletfest at Summernats the spectacle has only been getting bigger and bigger.

Another record was broken at Summernats this year with 110 contestants being part of the Mulletfest.

The completion is split into different age groups and separate categories, including everyday mullet, vintage, and extreme.

Judges were crowning champions based on the length and style of the competitor’s mullets, as well as their overall stage presence.

Tamzyn Dowell was announced as the overall winner at Summernats and was awarded the grand mullet champion for her mesmerising mullet.

While speaking about mullets the champion said, “they’re the most beautiful haircut: business at the front, party at the back.”