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Driving along the iconic route 66 is an experience all lovers of classic cars will want to try.

The Drive on Route 66

The world-famous route 66 is an enormous stretch of road that traverses through eight American states. The picturesque highway that spans from Illinois to California is much more than just a slab of bitumen. The road has been a source of inspiration for filmmakers, writers, musicians, and classic car enthusiasts.

Route 66 is reminiscent of a bygone era, so it is easy to understand why it holds such a special place in the hearts and minds of people with an affinity to a past era when rock ‘n’ roll, old-school American diners, and muscle cars were all the rage. There are plenty more reasons why classic car lovers are drawn to route 66.

What To See in Each State 

There is plenty to see and do when you take a journey along route 66. Since there is so much to pick from, we have decided to give you our top pick for each state you will be travelling through.

Illinois – What better place is there to start your journey along the iconic route 66 highway than at the start? The begin sign is in the heart of Chicago and is a great place to start your tour.

Missouri – Second on our list is Route 66 state park. North America is home to some of the most breathtaking nature you will ever see, and we think you should take the time to make the most of it when you’re travelling route 66.

Kansas – Brush Creek Bridge ­— also known as Rainbow Bridge — is the only bridge remaining along route 66 that was created by famous designer James Barney Marsh. While a new bridge has been built to allow for more traffic, you are still able to cross Marsh’s stylish one-way bridge.

Oklahoma – The National Route 66 Museum in Oklahoma sheds light on the national history of route 66. If you are interested in each state’s history regarding the highway, this museum could be well worth a visit.

Texas – The Leaning Tower of Texas is an old water tower that has been partially dug into one side of the ground, mirroring the look of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Although the leaning tower of Texas is not quite as awe-inspiring as the one in Pisa, we still think the absurdity alone makes it worth checking out.

New Mexico – The Blue Hole in New Mexico is another gorgeous piece of nature that also makes for the perfect pitstop on a hot day. A cool temperature for swimming and a spot for fishing makes it the perfect location to unwind and relax.

Arizona – The Arizona Meteor Crater is a 1.2 kilometre wide and 180-metre-deep crater from a meteor that hit over 50,000 years ago. It is truly a phenomenal landmark.

California – Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a must-see for fans of modern art and the unusual. The man-made forest comprises hundreds of trees made from empty glass bottles.