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 Talk of electric vehicles is gaining popularity and their sales are steadily increasing. Despite this, we do not see a future where the rise of electric vehicles kills the classic car, but instead a future where both will exist for those who want them.

Is The Threat Of Classic Cars Being Made Obsolete By Electric Vehicles Real Or Exaggerated? 

Over the past few years, hundreds if not thousands of news articles and opinion pieces have been published on the topic of the rise of electric vehicles and the consequences they will have on classic cars.

I’m sure we have all read opinion pieces with authors making concluding statements like: ‘it’s only a matter of time until classic cars are finished’, or ‘the hype around electric cars will be nothing more than a short-lived trend’, and everything in between.

However, we believe the answer to this question is less hyperbolic and more grounded because the reality is that countless people adore classic cars, some people prefer electric automobiles, and many people enjoy both!

Much like buying a classic car, when people purchase an electric vehicle, they have a lot to consider. The Australian Government has also been introducing policies to assist people who want an electric vehicle for themselves.

It is significant to understand that rather than threaten the existence of classic cars, these policies and the rise of electric vehicle purchases have been coinciding with a boom in classic car sales. Evidently, electric vehicles are not an existential threat to classic cars.

Why Classic Cars Are Here To Stay

 Without a doubt, classic cars are here to stay. Below we have listed some of the reasons why we believe it’s going to be a long time until we see our roads empty of stunning and stylistic classic cars.

The Aesthetic – Car enthusiasts will agree that the aesthetic of a classic car is something that cannot be replicated or replaced. The roaring of an engine and the vibrations of a classic car that has been tuned to perfection will ensure they stay around for generations to come. Even a big block engine is enough for the classic car to keep on living.

History – The history of classic cars is another reason why we believe they are here to stay. The number of famous and iconic cars from the past is nearly countless. Each car model has its own unique story and piece of history attached to it, which makes them beautiful and fascinating.

Modifications – One of the best aspects of classic cars is the ability to modify and customise them to your personality and vision. While it is still possible to do this with electric cars, it is much harder and much more technically challenging. This is generally due to the nature of electronics and software intellectual property. Something that you can avoid with classic cars.

Timeless – We all know that classic cars are timeless and loved all over the world. It’s hard to imagine this love and timelessness will ever change.