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If you’re a Brisbane based revhead or vintage automobile lover, then the monthly car meet at Joe’s Diner absolutely needs a spot reserved on your calendar. 

Unsurprisingly, it’s not just the revheads that love the iconic vehicles of yesteryear. Iconic cars don’t only appeal to car lovers, but also attract those passionate about engineering, design, art and yes, history. Before cars were built for efficiency and speed, it was about the experience, style, exclusivity and ultimately, craftsmanship – making them timeless, works of art.

In simple terms, a car club is a community of automotive enthusiasts who share a common interest in motor vehicles. Typically, these groups get specific when it comes to the type of motor vehicles that they are passionate about: for some, it’s American muscle cars, and for others, it’s interest based such as off roading. It’s very common for car clubs to host regular meetings and events for both members and non-members. 

While the exact appeal of cars can vary depending on who you talk to, it’s no secret that car enthusiasts all speak the same language, and all share the same passion for the vehicles of a bygone era. To get a grasp on just how rewarding being involved in this community can be without actually signing up to a club, all you need to do is stop by one of the many car events that happen every weekend in South East Queensland, with one of the most popular arguably being the monthly car meet held at Joe’s Diner

Why Revheads Love The Joe’s Diner Car Meet

Tucked away in the industrial section of Eagle Farm, Joe’s Diner is usually described as a long standing fast food cafe, with a reputation that spans right across the northside of Brisbane. The iconic standalone building on Kingsford Smith Drive has been a second home to the Karagiannis family, who have owned and operated Joe’s Diner for what feels like a lifetime. 

However, when Steve Karagiannis took over the family business a few years ago from his parents, he saw a window of opportunity. Since the building was located away from residential and commercial buildings and with an enormous car park, it didn’t take long for a few of his favourite pipe dreams to quickly turn into reality. When speaking to, Steve says that it made sense to combine his passions – bikes, cars and the greater community. 

“One of our main improvements since taking over the business from my parents a couple of years ago was the introduction of bike and car meets. Joe’s Diner car meets are on the first Saturday of every month, and bikes on the third Saturday of the month. These events have gone from strength to strength – for our first bike night alone, we had over four hundred bikes turn up with less than four days notice.” 

The very best part about many of the Brisbane and Gold Coast based car events that happen in the region weekly, monthly and even annually, is that the hosts welcome the general public, as opposed to making them exclusive for club members only. 

The idea is that car enthusiasts generally want to share their passion, especially when it comes to sparking an interest in vintage cars for the next generation. For Steve and the team at Joe’s Diner, it’s also about instilling a love of cars into a whole new generation, which is why the monthly events are also completely family friendly. 

Kicking off at 4:00pm on the first Saturday of every month, Joe’s Diner Car Meet plays host to automobile enthusiasts from all around the city. According to a recent Facebook review, one guest even drove four hours just to be there and indicated that the mission was well worth their time. 

For further information on one of Brisbane’s fastest growing car meets, head over to the Joe’s Diner Facebook page for regular updates on car meets, bike shows and a wealth of other events held for the auto enthusiast community.