1958 Edsel Pacer with Teleselect Automatic

1958 Edsel Pacer with Teleselect Automatic.

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1958 Edsel Pacer with Teleselect Automatic. While the story of the Edsel line from Ford is an often told tale, the cars today continue to be a favourite among collectors across the country and the world. Available cars produced included a 4 door hardtop option, of which only 4900 were produced in 1958. 361 cu in (5.9 L) FE V8. Floating speedometer that glows when a pre-set speed limit is exceeded. Transmission locks in park until ignition key turned (new with Edsel – still used today) Top portion of seats slant forward to provide shoulder support Triple-thermostat cooling system (head/block/radiator) during warm-up for increased fuel economy & heater performance (E-475 engine) Front-mounted distributor, coil, fuel pump, oil filter dipstick for easy access.

Hood hinged in the front for safety (Although this somewhat limits access to the aforementioned distributor, etc!) Hood release controlled electronically, from inside the car. The front seats were split 60/40 for better driver comfort. Promoted Self-Adjusting brakes as a safe and convenient method of compensating for normal brake lining wear. This mechanism has been used in drum brake systems ever since.

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